Pastor Billy Kosco

If we had more pastors like Billy Kosco of St. Henry’s Parish in Buckeye, Arizona, we wouldn’t have abortion in America.  In his sermon he spoke of visiting the Jewish concentration camp of Auschwitz in Poland and heard that during the war the villagers nearby thought it was snowing, but in reality, it was the ashes from the ovens cremating the bodies.  Reverend Billy then lamented how Catholic pro-abortion Joe Biden could be elected president.  He spoke directly to any pro-abortion parishioners in his church, telling them that their ideas were not welcome there.  He reminded his congregation that it’s still snowing outside today, only it’s the ashes of unborn babies.  Visit and click on the microphone icon to listen to his amazing sermon.



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One thought on “Pastor Billy Kosco

  1. I am trying to listen to Billy Kosco’s sermon, from the 4/14 broadcast. I haven’t found it. The microphone icon only takes me to Matt’s talk about it. Where is it?

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