Paid Leave for Pregnancy Loss

You’ve heard of mothers granted paid leave after having a baby.  Well New Zealand went a step further.  The Parliament unanimously voted to grant women who suffer pregnancy loss, three days of paid leave.  The Bereavement Leave for Miscarriage Bill is reportedly the first in the world.  New Zealand already provided paid leave for five months or longer when a baby is stillborn.  The change provides the benefit anytime during pregnancy and to both the mother and father.  The paid leave does not apply to abortions.  This new legislation shines a light on the real pain felt by parents when they lose a real child to miscarriage.  The bill helps parents grieve, and I believe it’ll encourage others to reach out to them when they need it most.



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One thought on “Paid Leave for Pregnancy Loss

  1. Wonderful for New Zealand to do this. From our own experience, our youngest daughter’s, and one of my good friend’s I can honestly say this is a very trying and sad time for the parents. And the loss is never forgotten.

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