Letter to the FDA

The FDA put important safety guidelines in place for women who use the chemical abortion pill because it not only kills the baby, it’s more likely to harm the woman.  Part of the FDA safety requirements is chemical abortion cannot be sold in pharmacies and online.  Even so, website domains are illegally selling and distributing chemical abortion pills.  So, I’ve joined with over fifty pro-life leaders, signing a letter to FDA Commissioner Dr. Stephen Hahn, urging him to take action to stop the illegal online sale of these lethal pills.  In part, the letter reads, “Safeguards are meaningless…if opportunistic entities can sell abortion-inducing drugs over the internet with impunity.  We urge the FDA to act now to stop this predatory and dangerous practice.”

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One thought on “Letter to the FDA

  1. Act now to stop the sales of abortive
    chemicals via” pill“ on the internet to women seeking the termination of her pregnancy. This pill is harmful to women and has untold affects on preborn children should the pregnancy go on. Dr. Hahn stop this now!!!!

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