Big Happy Tears

Selena Rollason is a doula in Brisbane, Australia. A family she was helping found out their unborn child, Brianna, was diagnosed with a severe genetic condition that was incompatible with life.  Doctors advised abortion but they said no to the doctors and yes to life.  Selena supported the family by attending the ultrasound appointment.  She saw the fluid on Brianna’s brain.  They literally saw the diagnosis, so everyone prepared themselves for the worst.  But the worst never came.  Little Brianna was born perfectly healthy.  Selena said she wouldn’t have believed it if she hadn’t seen the evidence with her own two eyes.  As she posted the good news on her Facebook account, she wrote, “Today…there are no words.  Just joy and tears.  BIG HAPPY TEARS!”

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One thought on “Big Happy Tears

  1. I too am overwhelmed with tears.
    Praying for the families of babies with prenatal diagnoses that they will stand strong for life. That they will have support that affirms life. That health care providers will support life.

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