Someone Special Needs Your Help

For two decades, Jenifer Bowen has been a tireless pro-life advocate in Iowa.  She was named the twenty nineteen National Pro-Life Woman of the Year.  But now she’s in a battle for her life.  Jenifer has breast cancer that spread to her lymph nodes, bones, spine, brain and neck.  She’s endured rounds of chemotherapy and radiation, blood transfusions, surgeries and other medical therapies.  You and I don’t hold the keys to curing cancer, but we can help Jenifer in a very real way. She needs our prayers and words of support.  As a cancer survivor, I know prayer and encouragement can make the difference in how a patient’s able to face the challenges ahead.  Visit life issues dot org and click on the microphone icon for her address.


Please send cards or notes of encouragement to Jenifer Bowen.
Jenifer Bowen c/o Jenny Condon
2907 Sherry Lane
Urbandale, Iowa 50322

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