State Representative a Bully

A Pennsylvania State Representative has made a name for himself throughout America as an aggressive pro-abortion bully.  Brian Sims, an extreme pro-abortion politician, has on multiple occasions harassed pro-lifers praying in front of Planned Parenthood.  He bullied three praying teens and offered one hundred dollars to viewers of his twitter video to provide personal identifying information, so they’d be harassed at their homes.  Most recently, Sims relentlessly badgered an older woman also praying on the sidewalk.  His comments included bigoted attacks against Christianity.  The hate and vitriol continue to pour out from pro-abortion activists.  Join me in praying for pro-lifers who maintain a prayerful presence in front of abortion mills. And let’s also keep Brian Sims in our prayers.

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2 thoughts on “State Representative a Bully

  1. Upside Down

    Our country is way beyond sad,
    America appears to have gone mad.
    Diagnosed with a terminal illness,
    Time to move into the stillness.
    A form of political extortion,
    People bullied into embracing abortion.
    Save the whale but kill the child,
    Rivers of red simply run wild.
    A country founded on the cross,
    Today narcissism is the boss.
    Maintain our dignity at all cost,
    As the babies continue to be lost.
    The intolerable we tolerate,
    Defining forever our ultimate fate.
    Against preborn children we discriminate,
    Keep ignoring God till it’s too late.
    Words are letters in a certain order,
    Reverse them and create a new border.
    “Evil” drains us like a sieve,
    Do the opposite and let children “Live”.

  2. Liberty Lament
    Can you see me as I stand tall,
    My eyes overlooking all.
    A woman representing liberty,
    Yet so many children never free.
    Long ago a gift from France,
    I see child who will never dance.
    A freedom torch I raise high,
    While American children continue to die.
    It is suppose to represent light,
    Yet darkness far from out of sight.
    “Land of the free,
    Home of the brave”,
    How can it be,
    Millions of children we never save.
    Life, liberty and justice for all,
    The American lie, how far can we fall.
    No equal protection under the law,
    As unborn children get a bad draw.
    Beyond the darkest shade of black,
    America’s best, stabbed in the back.
    The crack widens in the Liberty Bell,
    Can you hear the applause from hell?

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