Bank of America Supports Planned Parenthood

If you use Bank of America or are considering a new bank, please listen to this.  Bank of America has recently come under fire for donating to Planned Parenthood.  They responded by saying their donations are only through an employee matching-gift program, also open to pro-life groups.  That’s not true.  Documentation uncovered by Second Vote shows over the past two years, Bank of America has been a major sponsor of fundraising galas benefiting Planned Parenthood and their New York City affiliate.  This is far above matching gifts.  Bank of America’s funding an extreme pro-abortion organization with a main mission of keeping abortion legal until birth and support of infanticide of newborn infants who survive abortion.  It’s time Bank of America was called on it. Please contact your local bank branch.

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One thought on “Bank of America Supports Planned Parenthood

  1. Forever Young, Forever Dead

    I could be you,
    Forever dead, baby blue.
    You will be forever young,
    A song that was never sung.
    The civil rights movement of today,
    In your execution you had no say.
    Two people enter the Planned Parenthood door,
    One soon to be forever no more.
    Forever damaged, the other one,
    Having taken the life of a daughter or a son.
    A nation divided over this holocaust,
    Millions of children forever lost.
    More groans and tears need be prayed,
    As America continues to fade.

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