Aborted Baby Registered as Person

I didn’t expect this positive development to come from the Netherlands, but am thrilled, nonetheless.  In response to a petition from its citizens, the Dutch government now allows people to register their stillborn children as a legal person in the Personal Records Database.  What the government didn’t expect was a young woman coming forward who desperately regretted her abortion and wanted to register her unborn child.  Officials at Amsterdam’s City Hall received the request with sympathy and support and issued a birth certificate for her baby.  The child’s name is now on the official government website and in the populations register for persons.  Perhaps this acknowledgement will give the mother some closure in the process of grieving for her baby.

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One thought on “Aborted Baby Registered as Person

  1. I Am an American

    I am an American just like you,
    You can call me baby blue.
    Never allowed to carry the weight,
    My life stolen in the starting gate.
    The right to life the big lie,
    All I ever did was die.
    God is real, see the sigh,
    Look closely at the tear in His eye.
    End the abortion holocaust,
    Before another child is lost.

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