Hiding Abortion in Veganism

Radical feminists are unable to sell their extreme agenda of unlimited abortion to Americans, so they’re hitching their wagon to other, more successful, issues.  Most recently it’s veganism – avoiding meat or dairy products produced by animals.  These feminists say restricted abortion oppresses women like the industries that in their minds “oppress” animals for meat and dairy.  Pro-abortion activists also link their unpopular cause to environmental and population-control groups that believe babies are a blight on the environment and should be aborted.  You’ll rarely see Planned Parenthood even use the word abortion but instead talk about it as “health care” or “reproductive care.”  Don’t let any of this fool you.  They advocate killing unborn babies.

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2 thoughts on “Hiding Abortion in Veganism

  1. Interesting they can’t see the profound difference between the killing animals for food…and the killing of living human children. Lord, open their eyes to an incredible blindness, heal their hearts, show them your Love and Forgiveness and give them hope for the future! In Jesus’ Name!

  2. Very true you can’t say that killing animals for food is wrong yet killing babies in the womb is right. That’s Derpaved logic.

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