Pray for Abortion Workers

When the late-term abortionist Kermit Gosnell was convicted for killing a woman and children, Adrienne Moton was his self-described “right-hand gal.”  She served two years in prison.  When she got out, she called Abby Johnson who herself had run an abortion facility but is now working to get people out of the abortion industry.  Adrienne talked publicly for the first time and said the day she was arrested was “the best day ever.  I felt peaceful.  I’m just so grateful and thankful to God.”  During Gosnell’s trail, Abby said she realized pro-lifers often dehumanize abortion workers just as the abortion industry dehumanizes babies.  She invites us to pray for abortion workers.  I agree.  Let’s pray for their conversion to Christ, and may they be good ambassadors for the babies.

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