Adult Stems Cells Help Stroke Victim

Sonia Coontz suffered a debilitating stroke. She couldn’t move her right arm and had difficulty walking and talking. Seven million Americans struggle with similar devastating outcomes. Two years later, Dr. Gary Steinberg, Chair of Neurosurgery at Stanford University School of Medicine, implanted adult stem cells around the area of her affected brain. Not embryonic cells requiring the death of embryos. Results were immediate and dramatic. Sonia was able to move her arm; her voice became stronger and clearer and her walking improved. Afterward, she and Peter were blessed with their first child, Lucien. The Charlotte Lozier Institute produced a brief, heartwarming video on the family. Visit life issues dot org and click on the microphone icon to see it.

Watch this truly heartwarming story of Sonia and Peter Coontz! Sonia suffered a debilitating stroke and experienced immediate and miraculous results after being treated with adult stem cells—not embryonic cells that require the death of human embryos.

Video: “Stunning” Recovery of Woman from Stroke after Adult Stem Cell Transplant

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