Did he or didn’t he?

Anyone who’s lived through the eighties knows the name, face and voice of David Bowie. I liked his music in spite of his wild and wayward personal life. Earlier this year the iconic singer died; reportedly from liver cancer.

David Bowie

What has caught people by surprise is the timing and alleged manner in which Bowie passed away.

Nine months after his death, reports have surfaced that David Bowie died at his own hands by assisted suicide. In the absence of documented proof, strong anecdotal evidence reported by close friends and business acquaintances point to a “stage-managed” demise.

They note the fact that Bowie’s last album, Blackstar, came out on his 69th birthday and two days later he died. 48 hours or so before his death Bowie was seen out and about, looking dapper and healthy.

Those close to the rock star aren’t surprised. They say he carefully orchestrated his career and life, so they would expect him to do the same with his death—a controlled situation on his own terms.

Sadly, if the prevailing beliefs are true, Bowie short-circuited whatever remaining days God had made available to him—perhaps to redirect his eternity. Of course nobody knew the condition of his soul upon his death, but we do know that God sometimes moves mountains in the hearts and minds of terminal patients and their families, so we should entrust whatever time we have left to the direction of the Author of Life.

Physician assisted suicide is marketed with gentle, appealing semantics, calling it a “good death, choice in dying” or the beginning of a “great adventure.” However, the stark reality is that once the soul steps from life into death, it’s final for an eternity—either in heavenly bliss or endless suffering.

Abortion has been sold to an unsuspecting public in a very similar way: “reproductive rights, interruption of pregnancy or choice.” Abortion, women were told, empowers them to attain their career goals, live independently of men and call their own shots. Nothing could be further from the truth.

After more than four decades, an increasing number of Americans realize abortion doesn’t empower, it enslaves. It’s not to be celebrated but mourned.

Death by choice—at either end of life’s spectrum—is never the panacea it’s sold to be. Help us reach others about the truth of assisted-suicide and abortion by taking advantage of the many resources we have available.

Regardless of whether or not Bowie took his own life by assisted-suicide, pro-death advocates will twist it to resemble something noble and good.

Help us stand for truth. Protecting innocent human life,

Bradley Mattes
President, Life Issues Institute

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