Death. It’s What We Do.

It’s no secret that Planned Parenthood is experiencing a corporate hemorrhage of credibility and clientele in the wake of ongoing pro-life efforts and the undercover videos, all showing the dark underbelly of this abortion industry giant. Namely the selling of body parts from the countless babies they abort.

How do you attempt to bounce back when the world learns you’re aggressively exploiting women and their babies?

This week while in Washington, DC I got the answer.


The truth is, women are still dying in back allies. The only difference is that now the “back alley” is disguised as Main Street.

Jim Sedlak is a good friend and pro-life colleague who’s based in Washington. He’s also an expert on the ins-and-outs of America’s largest chain of abortion facilities. Jim and I had an enlightening conversation about Planned Parenthood’s attempt to slow the decline of customers resulting from in large part David Deliden’s videos.

Planned Parenthood hired the services of Ideo, a pricey public relations firm with offices around the world.  By the way, this firm’s website is soliciting from the “global community,” “no boundaries,” and “radical” input on issues relating to the end of life. Doesn’t sound good does it?

So what did Ideo come up with to right Planned Parenthood’s listing ship?

It’s called the “Planned Parenthood Experience” which begins by greeting clients with “soothing colors and soft warm fabrics” in the waiting area affectionately called The Hub.  Chairs with a funky contemporary design are placed so women can avoid eye contact with other mothers waiting to have abortions.

Ideo’s biggest challenge is to remind potential customers that Planned Parenthood is a “healthcare provider.”

But I don’t think fabrics and furniture are able to effectively eclipse the dark reality behind a new, trendy façade. And here’s why. The following are actual reviews by real-life clients of Planned Parenthood found on Yelp, an online customer review app, compiled by Mollie Hemingway with The Federalist:

  • She experienced “all sorts of nasty.” The nurse, “Ignored every single question I asked her. Oh yeah the room was filthy. I didn’t want to touch anything or be touched by anything in there.”
  • Another woman who’s made multiple visits to Planned Parenthood reported, “What a sad and dismal place this is. . . makes it feel like you’re going to a weird back ally place.”
  • “I am pro-choice but perhaps the funding should go to family planning organizations that actually do effective work.”
  • “One word!!! DISGUSTING!!!”
  • “The Staff was rude and careless. Every question I asked was a nuisance. It’s one thing to be pro-choice; it’s another thing to be treated like a dog.”

This list of comments goes on and on. I don’t think any high-priced PR firm—no matter how talented it is—can use soothing colors and soft warm fabrics to fix Planned Parenthood. They’re in a ruthless business of making money by killing women’s unborn babies.The people who work in that kind of environment become unfeeling, cold, and callous, so it’s no surprise they’re struggling with a declining clientele. Ideo can put lipstick on a pig, but the pig will never change and those who work there will continue to reflect the ugliness of death.


“It’s another thing to be treated like a dog…”

Women are not stupid. They know fancy trimmings can’t erase the deaths of their babies. They also know this lack of respect for human life naturally flows to the mothers themselves. So why would they want to go there?

Another slick Ideo distraction is a touted mobile app that provides “evidence-based information” to Planned Parenthood clients. What’s evidence-based about telling women the babies they carry beneath their hearts are nothing but a mass of tissue or “product of conception” that feel no pain from the abortion? What’s evidence-based about telling women they won’t suffer any psychological consequences after ending the lives of their children? True evidence is sacrificed when it comes to Planned Parenthood’s motto: Profit. No matter what.

Nothing—no matter how beautiful and trendy—can provide a large enough distraction from the reality of what Planned Parenthood really does. American is beginning to see it. And it’s ugly.

Working for women and their babies,

Bradley Mattes
President, Life Issues Institute

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