Prematurity Awareness Month

November is Prematurity Awareness Month.  What I’m talking about is premature birth of infants, which consumes a ton of money every year and takes a major toll on the families.  There are ways we can reduce the incidence of preterm births.  The best way is to know what causes it.  Some of the culprits you may already be aware of—tobacco use and a lack of prenatal care.  But did you know abortion is also one of the leading causes?  Over one hundred peer-reviewed studies support this claim.  You can find a link to them and ways in which you can help us educate others to the cause of preterm birth.  Visit life issues dot org and click on the microphone icon.  The media isn’t about to warn women to this danger, so it’s up to us.  Please help me get the word out.

Visit this website to find out how you can help create awareness of the leading causes of preterm birth. Help us get the word out.

Over 100 studies link abortion to preterm birth. Check it out for yourself here.



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