Obamacare: Media Resources

Many Americans don’t realize why Obamacare is dangerous, so education is critical. Life Issues Institute put together an informative fact sheet to help you do that!

Why You Should Be Concerned About Obamacare will help you educate yourself, your friends, family, church and community about the anti-life measures within Obamacare. Download the fact sheet and:

  • Print and insert in church bulletins and mailings such as newsletters.
  • Hand out at community events.
  • Share the link via social media, by email or in an e-newsletter.
  • Share it with pro-life leaders and groups in your community.
  • Send it to your local newspapers, radio and TV.

We cannot afford to be silent while so many fellow Americans are vulnerable to attacks on their lives.

FLHO803_StevenVictims of Obamacare
In this two-part episode of our Emmy® Award-winning TV program Facing Life Head-On, meet the victims of Obamacare and hear how the high costs and cancelled insurance plans are negatively impacting the livelihood of millions of Americans. Part One | Part Two


How Obamacare Will Subsidize Abortion by Chuck Donovan
National Review Online, September 25, 2013

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2 thoughts on “Obamacare: Media Resources

  1. Your links, part1 and part two are shorted, dead end, we are embarrest, but …. please fix… if possible in this present age of suppression of information.

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