Eric Holder Tied to Hack Abortionist

Another hack abortionist is headed for jail. But this one has ties to Attorney General, Eric Holder. Tyrone Malloy was already responsible for the deaths of an infant and in another situation, a woman after he botched her abortion. Most recently, Malloy was found guilty of Medicaid fraud. It’s reported he and his office manager billed hundreds of thousands of dollars to Medicaid for procedures he didn’t do or that didn’t qualify for reimbursement. Abortionist Malloy’s abortion mill is in a building owned by the wife and sister-in-law of Eric Holder. This could explain why the Attorney General, who’s financially benefited from this abortion mill, has in the past refused to go after abortionists like Malloy, but hunts down prayerful sidewalk counselors in front of the mills.

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