Three Emmy Nominations

I’’d like you to know about a great honor we received. Our weekly half-hour pro-life TV program, Facing Life Head-On, received three Regional Emmy® nominations. It’’s a big victory for all of us who work in the pro-life movement to be acknowledged by the prestigious National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences. All the glory of course goes to God. The production crew and I are mere tools to bring attention to His precious unborn babies. I pray the Lord will use these nominations, and hopefully awards, to further direct His will regarding innocent human life. This will likely result in more being exposed to the pro-life message. If you’’d like to watch the nominated episodes, visit today’’s broadcast link [see below] at life issues dot org. The award ceremony is July 28, so please ask that God’’s will be done in all things.

A Lifetime Sacrifice, A Crowning Achievement and A Life Full of Potential

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