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We occasionally recommend others’ materials. These materials were not produced by Life Issues Institute and are not available from our store. Click a title to view or order.

VIDEOS: Abortion | Fetal Development | Post Abortion | Euthanasia
BOOKS: ChildrenParents

VIDEOS: Abortion

  • Silent Scream
    Dr. Bernard Nathanson’s groundbreaking video of abortion.
  • The Norma McCorvey Story Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3
    The story of the woman whose lawsuit would lead to Roe vs. Wade
  • Baby Parts for Sale
    An investigation into the multimillion dollar baby parts trafficking industry
  • Abortion Breast Cancer Link
    Several videos introduce young women who developed breast cancer following their abortions and offer convincing scientific evidence of the link between abortion and breast cancer.
  • That’s Where I Live
    Athletes commit to living lives of virtue, chastity, and respect.
  • Christi’s Choice
    A mother narrates the tragic story of the abortion that was supposed to be safe but instead destroyed her daughter’s life, leaving her minimally conscious, and the family’s life together.
  • Hard Truth
    A graphic video showing the reality of abortion. Viewer discretion advised.

VIDEOS: Fetal Development

  • You Are a Masterpiece
    The amazing world of life before birth, using computer animation and in-utero photography. Intended for children ages 5-10.
  • Preview of a Birth
    Fast-paced and dynamic, explores the wonder of life in the womb. Ages 13 and up.
  • The Biology of Prenatal Development
    Explores fertilization, implantation, organ formation and brain growth in fascinating detail. Produced by National Geographic.
  • Made in His Image: Fearfully and Wonderfully Made
    Stunning visuals and clear explanations of the miraculous transition from life in the watery world of the womb to life outside the womb. Part of a four-DVD set.

VIDEOS: Post-Abortion

  • After the Choice
    Women who know the reality of life after abortion tell their own stories in their own words.
  • Beyond Regret
    Dealing with the aftermath of abortion, including unresolved feelings of guilt, shame and grief that may not surface until long afterward, and finding healing and peace.

VIDEOS: Euthanasia

BOOKS: Children

  • The Amazing Beginning of You
    Creative and engaging book tells the story of life from conception to birth. Ages 8 and up.
  • Angel in the Waters
    Narrated from a child’s point of view, portrays the sanctity of life. Highly recommended for expectant parents who have young children. Ages 4 and up. También en Español.

BOOKS: Parents

  • I Know I Am Loved
    Through black-and-white photography, lovingly depicts the joy of welcoming a new baby into the family. Includes designated spaces to record baby’s milestones and parents’ thoughts.