Embryo Glue

I’m not a fan of in-vitro fertilization, mainly because tiny human embryos are treated like a product and killed by discarding them down the drain or aborting some of the babies when IVF results in multiples.  Emma and Paul Ryley … Continue reading

A Repentant Sinner

Working in the pro-life movement, you deal a lot with sinning, repentance and forgiveness.  This story’s a special example.  The pro-life Pregnancy Care Center in Jonesboro, Georgia placed large plastic baby bottles on the counters of businesses throughout the area.  … Continue reading

Christmas Day

For many people, me included, today’s the most favorite day of the year.  Stop whatever you’re doing right now and think about why you love Christmas so much.  When you think about it, Jesus isn’t the reason for the season.  … Continue reading

The Nativity Story

Every Christmas I watch The Nativity Story.  This film realistically captures the scenarios Joseph and Mary faced, first with an unwed pregnancy, their travel to Bethlehem and ultimately the birth of our Savior.  The scene of adoration of the shepherds is … Continue reading