Abortion is Killing Women

When the Philadelphia abortionist “house of horrors” made headlines, it caused a chain reaction. Two abortionists associated with Kermit Gosnell lost their licenses. The governor of Pennsylvania demanded abortion mills be inspected. Two near Philly failed miserably. Inspectors discovered medications … Continue reading

Pro-Life Flash Mob

A flash mob is new to our society. It’s a gathering of people for one specific purpose. Invitations are usually sent through social networking or viral media. In Chicago, pro-abortion activists planned a pro-abortion march. Pro-lifers organized a flash mob … Continue reading

Off the Team Tough Love

The headline read like a paper from the 1970s. “College Dismisses Basketball Player from Team for Having Premarital Sex.” This actually happened to Brandon Davies at Brigham Young University. The sophomore told school officials about the inappropriate relationship with his … Continue reading