Meeting with Abortionists

After the Supreme Court upheld the Texas Heartbeat Act, the Biden Administration is grasping at straws to undo the will of the people in the Lone Star State.  The bill prohibits abortion when the baby’s heartbeat can be detected.  To show their support for unbridled abortion, Vice President Kamala Harris met with a group of abortionists in her West Wing office.  One of them was Bhavik Kumar who works for Planned Parenthood.  His claim to fame is aborting 67 babies in the 17 hours before the legislation took effect.  He said, “There’s no time to wait.  People’s lives are literally at stake here.” Well  he’s right.  The lives of 67 babies hung in the balance until his abortion marathon.  The brutal violence of abortion has no place in a civilized nation.

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