Thank Senator Manchin

You don’t see many examples of political and moral courage in Congress, especially when you’re the lone voice representing your party.  Democrat Senator Joe Manchin bucked his entire party to support a pro-life amendment that prohibits using your tax dollars to fund abortion.  The Hyde Amendment is credited with saving nearly 2 1/2 million lives since Jimmy Carter’s administration.  The amendment also protects healthcare professionals from being forced to participate in the killing of innocent unborn babies.  Thanks to one Democrat senator, countless babies may be saved from government-funded abortions.  We all owe Senator Manchin a big thank you.  Visit and click on the microphone icon to express your appreciation.  It’ll take two minutes.
Send an email of thanks to Senator Joe Manchin.
Or call Senator Manchin to thank him for his pro-life vote: (202) 224-3954


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