Our Invincible Tool

Extreme pro-abortion politicians will soon control the White House and all of Congress.  But all’s not lost.  We hold an invincible tool.  Not since the days of the abolitionists has our nation witnessed such passion, dedication, and determination to right a grave injustice against humanity.  We weathered both the Clinton and Obama administrations.  Like the abolitionists of old, pro-lifers nurture an invincible tool — our unquenchable passion for justice.  True, sustaining power doesn’t reside within our political opponents.  By the grace of God, it steadfastly endures in the hearts and minds of pro-life people everywhere.  The fire in our souls won’t go out.  On the contrary, these recent challenges will only serve to fan the flames.  Pray. Work. Repeat. As often as required!

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One thought on “Our Invincible Tool

  1. Thats right,we will not give up or give in to bullying for the right to Life,eslec.the unborn lives!! Im praising God for for all of you students for Life!!

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