Poland Protection

Poland made pro-life history. Their Constitutional Tribunal ruled that eugenic abortion is contrary to the Polish Constitution.  These are abortions that target babies with genetic or other conditions.  It’s a joy to see such compassion demonstrated by a country.  God surely is pleased!  But pro-abortion radicals were not.  Bands of extreme activists attacked Catholic churches in various Polish cities.  They interrupted services and chanted obscenities.  They threw rocks at the police, destroyed offices of legislators, and vandalized the outsides of churches.  This sounds very similar to what radicals have done in American cities.  The spiritual warfare is the same all around the world.  I rejoice alongside the good and decent people of Poland.  Please join me in prayers of thanksgiving.

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One thought on “Poland Protection

  1. Gladly, God bless those brave and holy Polish people, St. Pope John Paul II is looking down and smiling on them.

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