Facebook Censors More Prolife Groups

Choose Life Marketing is an agency serving prolife pregnancy centers.  They help them reach out to abortion-minded women with life-affirming services.  Recently Facebook informed them that the ads they’d been running for these centers was locked down.  They accused the marketing firm of violating Facebook’s advertising policies.  When they appealed the decision, Facebook informed them it would likely be weeks before expecting a response.  Facebook also censored Susan B Anthony List for ads that highlighted the proabortion stand of a presidential candidate.  These social media moguls are inflicting their proabortion bias on those who stand up for unborn babies and their mothers.  And denying the right to free expression of prolife groups.

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2 thoughts on “Facebook Censors More Prolife Groups

  1. Some other social media platforms are now available, including one marketed to serve as an alternative to Facebook and Twitter; it is USA.life.

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