Justice Amy Coney Barrett

Judge Amy Coney Barrett is now Justice Barrett of the US Supreme Court!  I offer my heartfelt congratulations to this new member of the nation’s highest court who very well might be the deciding voice that begins the erosion of Roe v Wade or its outright reversal.  Now more than ever each justice needs our prayers that God would direct them to undo the grave injustice inflicted on the most vulnerable segment of society – unborn babies.  To help in that regard, we’ve published a downloadable prayer card that features each justice.  Satan isn’t going down without a huge fight because abortion has been one of his most effective tools to drag souls to hell.  Visit lifeissues.org and click on the microphone icon to access your prayer card.

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One thought on “Justice Amy Coney Barrett

  1. Roe vs. Wade recognized both the right of a woman to her body AND the right of an unborn child to life. It approved abortion up to the point of viability. Medical science has helped move that point to 24 weeks gestation. That means that, given Roe vs. Wade, any abortion after 24 weeks is NOT constitutionally protected.

    Unfortunately, the trend promoted by feminists is to legalize abortion not only through nine months’ gestation but AFTER the child is born if the mother so decides. This coincides with the Netherlands recently legalizing the euthanasia of defect and unwanted babies. Belgium had earlier legalized the euthanasia of defective and unwanted babies.

    It is impossible not to recognize that, verbal slights-of-hand aside, Western Civilization is on a slippery slope to legalizing infanticide. All of this was predicted in the 1960s and 1970s.

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