Not Defined by a Leg

I want to tell you about an amazing unsung hero, Caitlin Conner.  Married just two months before, she and her husband, were on their motorcycle when it was hit by a texting teen.  Caitlin’s foot was nearly severed and at the hospital she found out she was four weeks pregnant.  Then Caitlin was faced with the biggest decision of her life.  Doctors could painstakingly work to fix her foot, but it would likely cause damage to her developing child.  The alternative was to amputate her leg below the knee.  Caitlin chose amputation and God blessed her decision.  She’s competed in triathlons and marathons and became the world’s first amputee boxer.  As for her decision, she said it was all about her baby, “My leg didn’t define me as a person, but the baby would.”

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