Why the Left Attacks

When the radical Left fear you, they’ll attack you – repeatedly.  That’s why when Senator Marsha Blackburn ran for office a few years ago, Twitter censored her pro-life ad.  Now she and her daughter, Mary Morgan Ketchel, have released a children’s book called “Camilla Can Vote: Celebrating the Centennial of Women’s Right to Vote.”  Their state of Tennessee was the final one required to ratify the Nineteenth Amendment giving women the right to vote.  Instagram took down the ad promoting the book, not once, but three times.  And standing up for her pro-life beliefs has resulted in vicious verbal attacks.  A top political strategist referred to Senator Blackburn in a way that’s not fit for radio.  Please join me in praying for this pro-life hero.

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One thought on “Why the Left Attacks

  1. She is that, thank you for this and we will pray for her and all pro-life politicians who are on an uphill battle.

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