God Has a Plan

Anthony’s mother was a woman of the streets and when she became pregnant, she tried to abort her baby four times.  During the last attempt Anthony was born alive, but his mom died a month later.  She hid him in her home, and it took four days before they found him.  Under a relative’s care he was abused and starved and his extended family practiced witchcraft.  As a result of everything, he suffered from several physical issues.  According to Planned Parenthood he was a perfect candidate for abortion.  But someone witnessed the love of Jesus to Anthony and he became a Christian.  A local church payed for his education and he’s now attending a university.  And he volunteers to help abandoned and orphaned children.  God has plans for this young man.

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2 thoughts on “God Has a Plan

  1. Praising God for this young man’s life to continue as God planned,not the way man planned.
    God bless you Anthony in your new journey following Christ & the plans he has in store for you always! 💝🙏 Thank you for sharing your heart’s desire to help the orphaned & abandoned,who better to share love & compassion than someone that has gone through similar things than you.😍☀🌈💖

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