Vaccine Victory

We’ve had a huge pro-life victory on the vaccine front.  You may know some of the most often used vaccines are grown with the assistance of cell lines from aborted babies.  These cells aren’t actually in the vaccine, but are vital to the process.  Sanofi, the world’s largest company producing polio vaccines, is no longer using cell lines from aborted babies.  The French conglomerate’s multi-polio vaccines will now utilize monkey cells instead.  Gradually, those who hold innocent human life sacred aren’t having to choose between an unethical vaccine or no vaccine at all.  This is especially relevant as they develop COVID vaccines.  If you’d like more information on your vaccine options, please visit and click on the microphone icon.

Click here for information on covid19 vaccines – scroll down the page to find ethical alternatives

click here for information on other vaccines

Please thank Sanofi for no longer using fetal cells in their polio vaccines:
Dr. John Shiver, Global Head of R&D
Sanofi Pasteur
Box 187 Discovery Drive
Swiftwater, PA 18370

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