This Baby is Loved

If, like me, you don’t watch American Idol, you really must see the segment about a young woman named Amber Fiedler from Coeur d’Alene, Idaho.  This singer was thirty-eight weeks along in pregnancy when she auditioned.  Amber had made an adoption plan for her baby girl and the story they did was so life-affirming, and an encouragement to other women to consider adoption.  Amber said, “Having the time to really think and reflect on my life, the baby, she saved me. She really did.”  But the best was still to come.  When Amber sang, she charmed the three judges, two who were adoptive fathers.  Someday this baby will watch her birth mother on TV and know she is truly loved.  Visit life to see the American Idol segment.

Click here for American Idol Segment mentioned above.

more of amber’s story

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