Abortion Rights Amendment

The Equal Rights Amendment was passed in 1972, and the deadline for ratification expired four decades ago.  As written, it would instill mandated abortion on demand with taxpayer funding into the constitution.  In a desperate attempt to foist abortion onto Americans, pro-abortion Democrats in the House are today seeking a resolution that would retroactively ratify the ERA, which even Ruth Bader Ginsburg believes is legally unviable.  It’s hypocrisy to claim to advocate for women when new data shows over 8,000 girls are missing because of sex-selection abortions during the last five years alone.  If the Left was truly concerned about women, they’d act to prevent them from being aborted just because they’re female.

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One thought on “Abortion Rights Amendment

  1. The legally registered voting public who are pro-life, regardless of political affiliation are:
    1.being forced to vote as “one issue” voters
    2. having their voting choice limited to, at this writing,
    one candidate.
    Is their a discrimination issue here?

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