Trying to Sell Abortion as Good

A pro-abortion group has launched a new campaign to promote abortion.  They’re attempting to hide its reality behind flowery language.  They describe abortion as “An act of love.  An act of compassion.  An act of healing.  An act of selflessness.”  They add, “It’s healthcare.  It’s freedom.”  These are all lies.  Abortion is the violent killing of innocent babies, usually by dismemberment.  Abortion kills, it doesn’t heal.  It’s the opposite of love and compassion.  And it certainly isn’t selfless.  Healthcare nurtures and protects life, but abortion kills and maims.  Abortion isn’t freedom, but enslaves mothers and fathers who choose it as a way out of an unexpected pregnancy.  You and I must call out these lies as a desperate attempt to sell abortion as a good.  The truth is, it’s evil.

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