Same Diagnosis but Different Response

Marieke Vervoort was a well-known Belgian Paralympian who won gold and silver in wheelchair racing.  She suffered from incurable, degenerative spinal pain and took her own life by euthanasia.  Before her death, she said just having the legal euthanasia papers gave her peace of mind, and believed there’d be fewer suicides if every country legalized euthanasia.  Actually, research shows suicides increased in American states where physician assisted suicide was legal.  Like Marieke, I too suffer from incurable, degenerative spinal pain.  I haven’t had a pain-free day for fifteen years.  My peace isn’t derived from papers, but from the Bible.  Euthanasia isn’t the answer when Jesus is your daily strength.  Two people with the same diagnosis, but very different responses.

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One thought on “Same Diagnosis but Different Response

  1. Euthanasia is also a form of suicide. The only difference is that the person uses a doctor instead of a gun, drugs, or razors to end their lives.

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