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Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh is again being attacked with outrageous unsupported accusations.  But even after the New York Times admitted the charge was fabricated, politicians running for president are still calling for Kavanaugh’s impeachment.  The attorney of Christine Ford, Kavanaugh’s most prominent accuser, publicly admitted her client’s motivation was in part to protect abortion on demand.  It’s time to say enough.  Please join me on a petition to congress that America’s against impeaching Justice Kavanaugh.  I’ve long said the devil isn’t going to give up abortion – one of his most effective tools – without a fight.  You and I must do all we can to stand against this evil.  Visit life issues dot org to sign the petition.  Then join me in prayer.

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  1. The basic premise of our justice system is the concept of innocence until guilt is proven. What the NYT did was slander and libel because they has the facts and chose to omit the ones that would have supported Justice Kavanaugh’s innocence. This is an assault our justice system, and punishment for those who perpetrated it, should be charged accordingly.

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