Abortion’s Silent Victim

A few weeks ago, a heartbreaking video was circulating that dramatically showcases abortion’s multiple victims.

In addition to the obvious baby and mother…

…there are more – one who desperately needs our help.

The setting of this video is outside an abortion center, ironically with the word “Hope” in its name. Outside the closed door is Tyler, crouched down with his arms extended. His girlfriend had just gone inside for an abortion.

Tyler is making one last, desperate plea for the life of his child. “Please don’t kill our baby! Abby, please don’t kill our baby! Abby…” He then breaks down, sobbing.

In a second video, a devastated Tyler sits on the curbing of the parking lot. In between sobs he tearfully says, “I’m such a good dad,” referring to Abby’s children from a previous relationship. Tyler would have been there for his child, but is now faced with the reality that his opportunity has been shattered.

At first, I hesitated to share Tyler’s grief and desperation, but it’s important for his welfare and others that Americans understand abortion seriously impacts men. Tyler isn’t alone in his grief. There are millions more like him.

It’s true that many men are part of the problem, but we must realize many are also the victims. Even some of those who supported, pressured, coerced or even forced women into abortion have become victims of the grief and shame that often follows.

If you or someone you know is struggling with the loss of a child to abortion, there is hope and healing. The Men and Abortion Network (MAN) was established to help you. A website developed exclusively for grieving fathers and those who want to help them has a wealth of resources. Wherever you live, you can request a free peer-to-peer counselor, anonymously if you wish. Your privacy is paramount.

You will not be judged. We understand your pain.

Abortion is a cancer. It kills or maims everyone within its reach, indiscriminately inflicting pain, grief, shame and sorrow. We must stand in the gap between abortion and its intended victims. And we must reach out with love and compassion to those who now struggle with the grief of abortion.

If these videos haunt you, it’s proof that your heart beats with love and compassion for hurting fathers. Now, you have the tools to help these men. They are all around us.

For the fathers too,

Bradley Mattes
President, Life Issues Institute

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3 thoughts on “Abortion’s Silent Victim

  1. Thank you, Brad, for this eye opening testimony of the ripple effect of abortion trauma… praying that those men who have suffered from the trauma of having their child aborted, will be healed and rise up and help other men, who are suffering in silence.

  2. Great article heartbreaking! Abortion causes sooo much pain, hopelessness and depression and just plain messes up lots of lives.

  3. Brad, I’m so glad you posted this. As a sidewalk counselor, I have seen this over and over. And we have even had men come to us later on, even years to apologize for treating us badly for talking girlfriend into Life. One said he was so sorry, because afterward they got married, had their son and two more. That son is now in college. But we’ve seen the other side too. I met a young man recently who walked by sadly and told me his story…a son lost. Yes, silent victims. Men need to talk to men… ahead of time.

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