Politics Over Products

These days many companies believe promoting hard left politics is more important than producing a good product.  Companies like AT&T, Coca-Cola, Macy’s and Xerox have recently been exposed as funders of Planned Parenthood, the nation’s largest chain of abortion facilities.  It can be very disheartening to fund their agenda by purchasing their products.  And it can be overwhelming to try to keep track of them all.  Here are a couple of bright spots.  Dunkin’ Donuts recently announced they would remain neutral on issues of politics.  “We aren’t political,” said their vice president.  So, when my waistline allows, I’m going to enjoy those Dunkin’ Donuts and their good coffee.  Visit life issues dot org and click on the microphone icon for details on other companies.

2nd Vote keeps track of companies that support abortion. You can monitor them here.

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