Grieving Celebrity Regrets Abortion

A well-known Italian actor and playboy has come full circle with his past.  Andrea Roncato, now eighty, had a wild lifestyle and when young, a pregnancy occurred.  Sadly, he and his partner chose abortion.  During an interview, he stated his profound regret and described himself as “very strongly against abortion.”  In his book he wrote a poem to his unborn son.  Andrea says he constantly asks God to forgive him.  “Children are the only true wealth a man can give the world,” he lamented, which in his opinion far outweighs his movies money and all the rest.  The poem to his son ends like this.  “I wish I had wanted you, that time when I didn’t want you.”  Let’s pray for all grieving fathers – young and old – who regret a past abortion.

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3 thoughts on “Grieving Celebrity Regrets Abortion

  1. Strangely, high-profile persons (actors, athletes, entertainers) have considerable influence on the public. It is VERY effective for those who share a Pro-Life position to express their view.

  2. Fortunately, God provided the answer for our worst decisions. I hope Mr. Roncato knows the Lord, if so he will see his son for all eternity. Our little ones are waiting for us to join them.

  3. Fortunately, God provided the answer for our worst decisions. If we truly come to the Lord for forgiveness, we will have all eternity with our little ones. They are waiting for us!!

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