Unplanned Movie Succeeding

There’s been a lot of buzz and attention given to the pro-life movie, Unplanned.  It’s the true story of Abby Johnson who left a Planned Parenthood abortion mill to become a pro-life advocate.  If you haven’t yet seen Unplanned, please do.  You’ll never look at abortion the same way, regardless of where you now stand.  The movie took in six-million dollars its first weekend – double the expectation.  This happened in spite of the antics of Hollywood and major media outlets to undermine it.  Twitter blocked the movie’s page, and then, mysteriously, the people following it were kicked off.  But they can’t stop the pro-life message from being mainstream in society.  This movie’s the latest example why I know we’re going to win this life-or-death battle.  People are seeing the truth.

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