Adoption is a Generational Option

Margaret was eighteen years old when she became pregnant outside of marriage and things looked bleak. A representative from Birthright, a pregnancy resource center, accompanied Margaret home to break the news to her parents. With the help of her family, she felt adoption was the best option for her baby. Fast forward several years and Carole Tessier, the adopted baby, grew up and had nine children of her own and has always been grateful to her birth mom. You see, adoption has a generational blessing that we mere mortals can’t comprehend while in the throws of an unexpected pregnancy, but God had a plan that would benefit generations to come. Not only were Margaret and Carole united, they attended the March for Life together this year.

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One thought on “Adoption is a Generational Option

  1. Hello! This is “Margaret” from the article. I am glad that this story continues to be shared and hopefully will have a positive impact as it travels through media outlets. Carole and I are overjoyed that God allowed us to discover each other. We first spoke on Good Friday of last year. We have begun an amazing new chapter and life journey. We have discussed, too, how this indeed IS a generational option. I am grateful that God gave me the strength and courage to choose life for Carole. We give all praise and glory to God for what He is doing in blending our large families. God Bless you for advocating for life!

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