West Virginia Amendment One

Hi, this is Brad Mattes with Life Issues with an important message for our friends in West Virginia.  The West Virginia Supreme Court requires that your tax dollars pay for Medicaid abortions for any reason up to six months.  But you can act now to save unborn babies.  A constitutional amendment will be on the ballot this November to protect life, and it needs your vote.  Amendment One says, “Nothing in this Constitution secures or protects a right to abortion or requires the funding of abortion.”  By voting yes on Amendment One, you can stop taxpayer funding of abortion in West Virginia.  Nearly 35,000 babies have died since the State Supreme Court’s action.  Please help protect their lives.  Vote yes on Amendment One, and ask every pro-life person you know to vote yes.  Vote like life depended upon it because it does. Nothing’s better than the feeling of saving a baby’s life!

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