Amendment One Will Save Real Lives

Hi, this is Brad Mattes with Life Issues with an important message for our friends in West Virginia.  This November voters in West Virginia can stop taxpayer funded abortion and make a difference for future generations. Consider the case of Deanna. When her birth mother became pregnant, she was already a teenage mother of three, and abortion appeared to be her best option.  But Deanna’s life was saved because the Hyde Amendment wouldn’t fund abortion but provided prenatal care, delivery and infant care.  Deanna and her siblings were adopted and she’s now an attorney, Amendment One on the November ballot of West Virginia, if passed, will do on the state level what the Hyde Amendment does on the national level.  Amendment One will save West Virginia’s unborn babies from abortion.  Please vote yes on Amendment One and stop Medicaid funding of abortion.  Please be in prayer and tell everyone you know to vote like life depended upon it, because it does.

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