Be Still

My favorite passage is Psalm 46:10, “Be still and know that I am God.”  Those eight beautiful words instill peace, comfort and encouragement.  It’s why they’re on the wall of the chapel in our office.  When the ghastliness of abortion and the task ahead to end it seem overwhelming, I look to this Bible verse.  At those times of stress when helping a woman contemplating abortion, or a father who deeply struggles with the aftermath of abortion, I’m reminded God remains in control.  When the budget is tight, I recall we work at the will and pleasure of a provider who owns the wealth of the universe.  What inspired words of Scripture encourage you the most?  Please share them with me at life issues dot org, then click on the microphone icon.


The Bible provides great comfort and strength during life’s ups and downs. Please share with us the passage that is the most meaningful to you and tell us why.

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