Drop the Old Baggage

It’s a new year! Time to leave the past behind, drop the old baggage and start out fresh. Sometimes that’s easier said than done — especially if you have an abortion in your past and daily struggle with the guilt and shame it brings. Both mothers and fathers of aborted babies can suffer a great deal of grief and anxiety, but God loves a repentant heart. He’s washed you and made you shiny and new through the blood of Jesus. We can all drop our heavy baggage, whatever’s inside, and know we’re forgiven, even for the sin of abortion. There’s no sin too big or powerful to sideline God’s forgiveness. If you struggle with a past abortion, we can provide a free counselor to walk you through healing. Visit life issues.org and click on the microphone icon.


If you are struggling with an abortion in your past here is where you can find free help to walk you through the grieving process.

Men: Go to MenandAbortion.net or LifeIssues.org and provide your email address and city and we’ll do the rest.

Women: Go to OptionLine,org  and type in your zip code for the center nearest you.

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