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What does an 86-year-old man do after retiring as an engineer?  Isn’t it obvious?  He knits hats for premature babies.  Northside Hospital in Atlanta invited Ed Moseley and members of his assisted living residence to knit two-hundred caps for their Neonatal Intensive Care Unit.  His daughter got him a kit and he learned to knit.  Ed made over 50 himself, and got his neighbors to considerably exceed their goal.  Personal touches like these caps are greatly appreciated by the babies’ parents.  They help make a sterile environment a little more like home.  Joe shows us how one person can really make a difference by volunteering.  The pro-life movement can always use an extra pair of hands.  Email us through life issues dot org and we’ll connect you with a local group.

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One thought on “Become a Pro-Life Volunteer

  1. I.m in johnstown pa and would like to volunteer.
    I see a need on college campuses where I know i ywas drawn to liberal views.
    Help me connect. Thank you

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