Patient Denied Verbal Request for Food

Tabetha Long, a young woman, suffered cardiac arrest.  After three weeks in ICU and another three in step-down care, the hospital utilization committee determined she should go to hospice to die.  This committee’s purpose is to manage hospital costs, not patient care.  At hospice, she asked for her boyfriend, John Rowan.  Tabetha was talking and repeatedly asking for food but not getting it.  On day nine she said, “Sausage biscuits, I really love those.”  Still no food.  She was marked for death in hospice.  John contacted the Terri Schiavo Life & Hope Network and a lawyer was dispatched, saving her life.  An emergency court hearing got her moved to a hospital rehab unit.  The barbaric actions of those who deem life not worthy to live are increasing.  Please watch over your loved ones.

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