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81% of Americans—including two-thirds of those who identify as “pro-choice”—support substantial abortion limits.

This is no coincidence.

Life Issues Institute led the way in promoting our Love Them Both message, coupled with unquestionable evidence of what abortion does to women. The fruit of our labors is evident in this recent national poll.

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Annual poll results indicate most Americans, including women, believe abortion does more harm than good to women. And 77% of Americans— including 71% of pro-abortion respondents—believe legislation can protect the health and well-being of both the mother and the life of her unborn child.

These statistics indicate that—contrary to the rhetoric that would have us believe that abortion legislation is out of step with the majority of the general public—Americans DO want common sense bills that limit abortion and they want it by wide margins.

We want voters to know the TRUTH about how Americans really feel about abortion and where the candidates stand on life issues so they can make informed choices in November.

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