Abortion a Civil Rights Issue

Today America observes the life of a civil rights giant—Martin Luther King, Junior.  If I could ask him one question, it’d be what he thinks about America’s laws allowing abortion on demand, especially since the abortion industry targets Black babies.  We have documented research showing Planned Parenthood locates seventy-nine percent of their abortion mills in minority neighborhoods.  I believe Martin Luther King would be an outspoken defender of all of America’s unborn children.  Because, after all, abortion is a civil rights issue.  Babies are being killed because of where they live—in the womb.  Visit life issues dot org and click on the microphone icon to see our research.  And join us in prayer that God will soon end the chains and bondage of abortion in our land.

79% pf Planned Parenthood surgical facilities are targeting women of color and their unborn babies.

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7 thoughts on “Abortion a Civil Rights Issue

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  2. I support President Trumps stand to cut funding planned parenthood’s funding for abortions. My tax dollars should NOT have to support the killing of innocent lives! Thank you.
    Lily Hildewig

  3. Mrs. Tipton: The red box you are looking for is on the main page. Go to the Take Action box below the rotating banners near the top third of the page and click on the red button, which says “Take Action.”

  4. I object to abortion and all aspects of the abuse and use of aborted baby body parts in scientific experiments. Human beings are endowed by our creator with inailiable rights to life and the pursuit of happiness. We as a nation must uphold this right to life just as we have benefited by past adherence of the laws that have been established.

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