Abolish Abortion: There’s an App for That

In a perfect world, a woman facing a crisis pregnancy would go immediately to a crisis pregnancy center (CPC) with her mind made up to make a parenting or adoption plan. Unfortunately, perfect doesn’t always happen.

SmartphonesTo meet women right where they are—literally—the student-led pro-life group Students for Life developed a pocket-sized “CPC” of sorts: a free app for pro-lifers called Abolish Abortion. Some features keep pro-life volunteers up to date. Others help them offer counseling and help to women considering abortion. On a sidewalk, in the park, talking over coffee or working on a car, studying together or doing laundry—anywhere the first tentative news of unplanned pregnancy is shared, the app is right at hand with:

  • A map showing every pregnancy resource center in the United States
  • Facts about and pictures of fetal development
  • Pro-life videos
  • The ability to send out requests for resources or prayer
  • A calendar of local and national events
  • Notifications of breaking news
  • Contact information for local and national legislators
  • A map showing every abortion facility in the United States, so volunteers know where to offer sidewalk counseling

The Abolish Abortion app is available free for iPhone users from Apple’s App Store. A version for Android users is in the works. For more information, visit abolishabortion.com.

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