Kidnapped Infant Reunited with Family

Seventeen years ago, an infant girl named Zephany Nurse was kidnapped from a hospital in Cape Town, South Africa.  The parents of this three-day-old infant never gave up hope that Zephany was still alive.  Every year on her birthday they would hold a party.  Then at the beginning of the school year, students told Cassidy Nurse there was a girl who looked just like her.  Cassidy immediately new it was Zephany and took her home to meet her parents.  DNA testing proved it was her and the woman who kidnapped her went to prison.  For the time being, Zephany went to a temporary family through Social Services.  Now, the family who knew this girl for seventeen years is experiencing what the parents went through.  Their cherished family member was suddenly taken away.  Please keep both of these families in your prayers during the months ahead.

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